Customer have return and exchange right in 7 days after delivery. All dresses you buy from Abiyenial have a security label which is not a obstacle for you to try it. In order to make refund or exchange you should keep it and not rip off. Also, you need to make sure that you send all pages of the bill and fill the refund form behind the bill. Once your return is arrived it will be examined by the relevant departments. In order to be avaible for exchange or refund, the package of the product and product itself must not be damaged. If the security label ripped off or the dress have been damaged, you can not refund or exchange the product. Unapproved refunds and exchanges will be send back to you after phone information via counterparty-payment. This means customer pays the cost of the refund&exchange shippings. After the product arrived us and approved, refund of money will be in 10 business days.